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We make sure education content sounds human, brings your values to life, and encourages future students to imagine themselves starting a course with you.

  • Course descriptions
  • Website rewrites and migration
  • Simplifying process info
  • Inclusive language reviews
  • Tone-of-voice and style guides
  • Brand values and storytelling
  • Intranet and app content
  • Blogs and articles
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We’ll take the time to meet your academics – understanding your USPs, real-world impacts, and what differentiates you from other providers. We’ll create easy-to-read page layouts (much like this page would make a good course description) – all drafted in your house style, and then turned into fully functional webpages if you’d like us to.

“Tim is a great copywriter. He is particularly skilled at working with academic colleagues to identify the distinctive features of their programmes. Tim is tactful, reliable and hardworking and I would recommend his services.”

– Penny Eccles, Executive-level HE Strategic Marketing/Student Recruitment Consultant
  • Write inclusively in active, human language
  • Share human experiences that inspire and reassure
  • Show your experts and research in the best light
  • Share peer-to-peer content that converts

After checking your courses and modules, applicants look for the emotional side – feeling happier after seeing their content. We incorporate student quotes and experiences into all kinds of education content. Courses, finance, libraries – they all come to life with peer-to-peer content.

‘Young people want support based on real life experiences, particularly from peers already on similar paths.’
UCAS’ Project Next Generation: Building Connections Report 2024

“Your seamless integration of student and academic stories into content is crucial, giving far more inspiration and reassurance than buzzwords can. You also have a knack for creating tone-of-voice guidance and rewriting jargon into plain English. And your attention to detail is impeccable!”

– Beth Hayes, Director of Marketing and Communications

Does your website have paragraph after paragraph? One of our specialisms is rewriting website content into accessible formats. This makes them easy to read and navigate quickly, while removing some of the daunt future students might feel from scrolling through large amounts of information.

We’ve completed many website rewrites, at all sorts of levels. from creating simpler layouts in Word or rewriting into a new tone of voice to starting from scratch and building the pages ourselves in your CMS.

Some practical things

Rates and estimates

Our rates are £400 a day or £60 an hour.

Course descriptions range from £60 to £200.

Rewriting webpages starts at £100 a page.

Writing blogs or articles starts at £250.

Proofreading a report starts at £250.

A tone-of-voice review starts at £500.

A tone-of-voice guide starts at £2,000.

Get in touch to chat about your project

Flexible ways of working

We’re adept across Microsoft, Adobe, Google and content management systems – using suggested-edit modes, comments or making amends directly as you prefer.

We usually work remotely and we work flexible hours.

We’re very experienced in higher education, so you can be sure we’ll pick up all sorts of bonus things – from application process details and entry requirements to student experience and how different course types work.

Content services

Planet-friendly values

We’re based in London. We keep travel to a minimum for sustainability, and we only take public transport.

We’ll always recommend a digital solution over a printed one, (though if you’re using recycled paper and have good sustainability credentials, we’ll work on print too).

More about us

Studying is such a transformational experience – from personal discovery and life experience to developing skills and starting a career. With over ten years of experience in education marketing, we know what makes human connections and converts – content that’s relatable, reassuring, and a reflection of the adventure they’re about to go on.