The tone you write in brings your brand to life. We’ll review your tone of voice to make sure it sounds natural and connects with your customers.

Or we’ll create a tone-of-voice guide to help you consistently showcase your brand. It’s a creative process where together we develop memorable taglines, brand phrases, content examples and writing tips.

Tone of voice

You’ll get a range of written examples for your key messages and the human stories of your business, which you can refer to anytime you’re creating content.

Everything in the guide will be in your own natural tone of voice that reflects your brand’s personality and helps you to connect with people authentically.

You’ll also get a set of language style guidelines – so you can take a consistent approach to capital letters, punctuation, technical terms and word choices.

University of Gloucestershire

“Objective and meticulous, Tim translated our core values in an accessible way for both internal and external staff. The tone-of-voice guide he produced is an invaluable resource for us, due to his audience-driven approach which genuinely connects with our applicants. On top of that he’s a joy to work with.”

– Alexandra Richards, Creative Account Manager

First we’ll get to know your stories, your products, words you like, how you speak, and what you stand for.

We’ll develop these into a guide of words, phrases and styles that reflect your brand’s unique personality.

Your team can then use the guide to write consistent content that your audience recognises and trusts.