How not to write like a robot

Let’s face it, cliches can be awful. Especially corporate ones.

Things like ‘let’s take this offline’, or ‘touch base’.


When people write or speak in a formal way, it’s often a power thing. So if we hear a super formal tone – whoever it’s from – matching it helps us stay on a level playing field with them. But we don’t necessarily enjoy the interaction.

Whereas when we speak more conversationally and relaxed, it’s a much more equal, human connection.

So rather than writing in a formal tone, keep it conversational and natural. Oh, and avoid technical jargon and acronyms if you can.

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We can all be a bit guilty at times of writing quick goodbyes. But they can give the impression that we’re too busy – or can’t be bothered – to say a genuine cheerio.

  • Regards
  • Best
  • Albert

(Hopefully) no-one speaks like this in real-life interactions 😬

We always encourage people to write something they’d actually say out loud, even if they’re in a hurry. A good quick check is to ask yourself:

  • Does it still sound as professional as it needs to?
  • Does it sound authentically like me?

Go with whatever works for you – just something a bit less robotic, a bit more you. For me it might be:

  • Speak to you later 🙂
  • Have a good afternoon, let’s catch up in a bit

Also, try using the odd emoji or two where it feels right or if other people are – even if you feel reluctant at first.

There’s some good research out right now suggesting people feel more connected using emojis in written messages. After all we communicate facially before we do verbally in the real world.

So that’s how not to write like a robot. Need help with some of your digital content, tone-of-voice guidance or any other copywriting? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you.

Adios 😉

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