Proofreading checklist – 7 things a proofreader should check

Looking for a proofreader who’s both a natural at conversational content writing AND has a Countdown-level of attention to detail?

Here are just some of the things we look for when we’re in proofreader mode:

We’re all human, but typos give the impression of having a low attention to detail. Or worse, you get the wrong word altogether. Bottoms! 

We’ll ensure you don’t say ‘ensure’ too many times in your content, ensuring your readers don’t get sick of being ensured.

Would you eat a plate of food you dropped on the floor? Maybe at home?! Would you read content that looks a mess? Probably not.

Do you love reading stuff that takes ages to get to the point? We don’t either, but we’re great at condensing content without losing the meaning.

We’re passionate about writing, you’re passionate about your business, some people are passionate about insurance… It doesn’t always sound sincere, and it’s a bit ick. Try showing the passion by demonstrating how much you’re passionate about your business – tell the story.

Too much punctuation, is – often – distracting, and (totally) unnecessary. Having too little in a long long long sentence like this one is no good either. Just a natural amount.

From your tone of voice and layout to the range of sentence flows you’re using, consistency creates familiarity and trust.

These are just some of the things we have in our proofreading checklist. Plus any subject or brand-specific terms you’d like us to check.

We can usually proofread content on short notice too. Hooray!

“Tim is a wonderful copywriter to work with – my blog posts and newsletter are much more personal and engaging as a result. I am pleased with all the changes he made with my copy. He’s quick to respond to my emails and proofread my work, which I am grateful for!”

– Katrina Sophia, Illustrator and Designer

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